Electro House Heaters – Coucheron, James Egbert, Mord Fustang, and Michael Mayeda

Electro House Heaters – Coucheron, James Egbert, Mord Fustang, and Michael Mayeda

One of my favorite things about going to music festivals is getting the chance to expand my music horizon. If you have not already noticed I tend to favor trance, dubstep, and big room progressive house (in that order). For the longest time I have always turned my nose up to electro-house unlike many of my BeatMill colleagues. However, this past week I had the privilege of attending Ultra Music Festival and after my experience I am not only on the electro-house bandwagon, I got the keys and I am driving it! Sometimes you just need to see some gifted artists live to truly appreciate a specific genre of music. Therefore, in honor of my new found love for electro-house I have decided to put together a super post of some awesome my recent favorites from the genre. I am still a complete rookie with this style of music but I think these 6 tracks will definitely get you moving as you head into the weekend! Tracks after the jump!

These first two tracks are from an up and comer out of Las Vegas by the name of Michael Mayeda. He is mostly known for his remix productions, but these two originals may serve as a big turning point for his career with original productions. Plus both of them are free downloads!

Michael Mayeda – Take Me There (Original Mix)

Michael Mayeda – Perfect Ending (Original Mix)

This next producer James Egbert was born into a family of musicians and has been a professional producer since the age of 18. The 23 year old grew up in Orange County and moved to Denver for his music career. I decided to include an original production and one of my favorite remixes. This is definitely a name to a remember.

James Egbert – Back To New (Original Mix)

Blood On The Dance Floor – Party On (James Egbert Remix)

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By now Mord Fustang should be no stranger to any EDM fan. He recently released an E.P. Welcome To The Future and this track Windwalker is my favorite from the project.

Mord Fustang – Windwalker (Original Mix)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqPbrHCPI-8&w=560&h=70]

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Last but in no way shape or form the least, we have Coucheron (previous post here) the 17 year old prodigy hailing from Norway. His debut E.P. was fire and this remix of Lt. Wee’s Don’t Stop The Beat is a funky feel good dance track. This is my favorite track from this super post.

Lt. Wee ft. Sheldon Blackman & Essa Cham – Don’t Stop The Beat (Coucheron Remix)

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