Event Review: Bounce Boat 8/17

Event Review: Bounce Boat 8/17
Event Review: Bounce Boat 8/17 newevents  bounce222

Photo Credit: Nitzan Bradin

After a hectic week at work, I could hardly contain my excitment as my taxi pulled up at Pier 83 last Friday night. The rain had held out, and I was desperately in need of a night filled with good music, friends, drinks, and some serious partying. As I walked through the lines of people with my friends towards the boarding area I could feel the good vibes in the air. I instantly knew Bounce Boat was just what the doctor had ordered.

Having already attended one of Bounce Boat’s voyages earlier in the season I had somewhat of an idea of what to expect. But, as I walked the two-floor ship I noticed some major layout changes from the last time I had been on it. Major improvements in my eyes. The lower-deck had for the most part remained the same; a bar, DJ booth, and a few vendor tables. It was the upper-deck that was completly different. The upper-deck on the boat consists of an inside cabin and an outside deck. On the previous Bounce Boat event, the DJ booth was set up inside and the outside deck was simply an array of tables. I do recall it being kind of messy as people who were trying to dance were bumping into people who wanted to sit at tables or people who simply wanted to walk by. There was no clear section for anything, let alone for people who had spent extra money purchasing VIP tickets. Lets be real, when you buy VIP you want to feel VIP.

With this new layout, The DJ booth was moved outside and the section right in front of it was ropped off for VIP access only. This setup was definitely ideal as people got to enjoy the artists performances and the beautiful NYC skyline simultaneously as opposed to having to go inside like last time. It also provided people who purchased VIP tickets with more of an exclusive experience as they were the only ones who could dance right up in front of the booth. Kudos to Bounce Media Group on these changes, really well done.

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Now down to the music. This Bounce Boat featured Hyperbits and Mysto & Pizzi. If you read my review of the last Bounce Boat I attended, I had commented on how the crowd was filled with more ”people who listen to EDM when they party” as opposed to true EDM enthusiasts, and this held true again this past friday night. But unlike last time when the artists seemed to overshadow their own orginal productions by dropping big house banger after another, I could really get a sense of the artists own unique styles this time around. Not knowing much about Hyperbits going onto the ship, I was afraid they were going to only play Top 40 songs in an effort to simply appease the crowd. A few tracks into their set and I was happily proven wrong. Their set consisted of a nice combination of their own remixs and mashups as well as some more well-known tracks. I was highly impressed with the duo’s ability to maintain and demonstrate their unique sound and style while still playing into what this type of crowd wanted to hear. It was an easy set to get lost in, exactly how it should be. Now, being my second time on Bounce Boat,  I couldn’t help to wonder how the experience was through the persepective of a DJ. And lucky for me I was able to catch up with Serik Slobodskoy, one half of Hyperbits, after his set and get an answer to my question. Here’s what he had to say about his Bounce Boat experience:

We were really into the whole boat setting…it’s a great party and there is something really cool and intimate about everyone being a part of each set from start to finish. It allowed to us to play some deeper and more melodic trance-infused stuff that this audience most likely isn’t used to hearing. We were impressed by the crowds response to our style!

And we we’re certainly impressed in return.

Event Review: Bounce Boat 8/17 newevents  mystpp

Photo Credit: Nitzan Bradin

One thing about the crowd at this event is that they certainly know how to party. As Mysto & Pizzi closed out the night and we returned to port around 12am the boat was still ”bouncing” as if it was four hours earlier. Security guards actually had to walk through the top deck telling the crowds of people still dancing that the party was over and they needed to leave the boat. Overall it was another crazy night on Bounce Boat filled with champagne bottles, good music, and good company. I look forward to seeing what Bounce Media Group brings us in Summer 2013, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be wild. See you next year!