Countdown To Oblivion Tour Invades Chicago: Zeds Dead – Adventure Club – Krewella

Countdown To Oblivion Tour Invades Chicago: Zeds Dead – Adventure Club – Krewella
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Event Review: CTO Tour hits Chicago with Zeds Dead, Adventure Club and Krewella.

Saturday December 29th, kicking off the first of three crazy nights to end the year at Congress Theater, was a stacked lineup for all bass lovers.  Headlining the show was the dubstep duo Zeds Dead, with supporting acts from Adventure Club and coming back to their hometown to play their biggest show to date in this city, Krewella.  With this show selling out over a month in advance, I knew we were in for quite a treat.


Usually for the opening acts people are still finding their way to the venue, but not for this show.  Everyone wanted to see Krewella, and from the crowd reactions all night, I’m pretty sure they were thought of as the headliner.  The place was packed to the brim earlier than I have ever seen it because the electro dubstep trio that calls Chicago their home was about to take the stage.


There was not a moment in their set where you didn’t feel the energy they were giving off, which started immediately as they opened their set with the Pegboard Nerds remix of Alive.  With three of them on stage, Jasmine, Jahan, and Rain Man, they are able to interact with the crowd and create a really awesome show.  A big highlight in their set was when they dropped Wolfgang Gartner‘s Nuke.  The place went absolutely nuts.  Ending their set with one of their biggest and newest hits Come & Get It accompanied by live vocals from the girls was truly spectacular.

adventure club

It was now time for Adventure Club. Recently I had heard great things from their recent shows around the country.  I was told they would play just about anything, and make it work.  I believe that in one hour they successfully mixed almost every genre, as well as their biggest and most well known remixes and originals.  They included my favorite track of 2012, Porter Robinson‘s masterpiece Language, which the crowd ate up.  At one point I had left the crowd and was heading to the bathroom as I heard Gesaffelstein‘s Control Movement come through the speakers, I immediately turned around and raced to the dance floor.  The crowd was not feeling it much, which was disappointing to see.  The one song I had been waiting for all night was their remix to Flight Facilities’ Crave You, which they ended their set with.

zeds deaddd

Although my genre of choice is house, I can deal with my fair share of dubstep, especially hearing it live.  I was expecting a heavy dubstep influenced set from Zeds Dead, which I knew the crowd would love.  To my surprise, they threw down one of the best sets I heard all year.  It was not filled with bangers, but was mixed so well that no one in the building was every standing still.  They would pound out dirty dub one after another, and then mix in totally different sound which had the place in a frenzy.  My favorite part of the set was when they dropped Major Lazer‘s Jah No Partial and then Chuckie‘s Make Some Noise shortly after.  Surprisingly they even included Bingo Players Rattle which had the crowd jumping in unison.  Me and my buddy made our way to the balcony for the last 30 minutes of the set, and boy was that a great idea.  Lots of dancing room, and the view of the crowd is fantastic.

I was very pleased with the way this show went.  Not only was the crowd good, but the music was too.  I have been to numerous shows at Congress Theater and it seems like every go around the crowd is more concerned about what is playing through the speakers than how big their pupils have gotten, which is a great thing to see.  It is really awesome to see a group like Krewella blow up so fast, especially representing Chicago.


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