Pretty Lights – Tha Hot Shit 060

Pretty Lights – Tha Hot Shit 060
tha hot shit

Mixes: Pretty Lights – Tha Hot Shit 060 [December 27th]

It’s time for the weekend and we’re proud to bring you another epic mix of Tha Hot Shit by Pretty Lights. This show is one of the most unique radio shows around and it’s on play every Friday for me. Episode 60 kicks off with a couple Pretty Lights originals, You Get High and So Bright; his new single. Throughout the next 60 minutes you’ll hear tracks from guys on his label such as Paul Basic, Michael Menert, Dubskin and of course Gramatik. So kick back and let loose this weekend with Tha Hot Shit. Full track listing is included below.

The HOT Sh*t airs at 8PM EST/6PM MST every Thursday with rebroadcasts Wednesday nights at 4PM EST/2PM MST on SiriusXM’s Electric Area.


1    Pretty Lights – You Get High – Pretty Lights Music
2    Pretty Lights – So Bright – Pretty Lights Music
3    Dubskin – Freedom Fighter (Paul Basic Remix) – Pretty Lights Music
4    Eliot Lipp – The Sunset – Pretty Lights Music
5    Gramatik – Solidified – Pretty Lights Music
6    Mongoose – Dragon Slayer – Straight Up!
7    Gramatik – Fist Up – Pretty Lights Music
8    Break Science – Victory – Pretty Lights Music
9    Eliot Lipp – Getting’ Money (Feat. Michal Menert) – Pretty Lights Music
10    Michal Menert – The Keep On (Co-Prod. by Paul Basic) – Pretty Lights Music
11    Michal Menert & Break Science – Throwback – Pretty Lights Music
12    Dubskin – Final Call (SuperVision & Michal Menert Remix) – Pretty Lights Music
13    Lamb – Angelica – Koch
14    Pretty Lights – We Must Go On – Pretty Lights Music

Pretty Lights:

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