Get Lucky – Mysto and Pizzi Remix [Free Download]

Get Lucky – Mysto and Pizzi Remix [Free Download]
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Check Out This NYC Duo’s Remix of Get Lucky!

If you haven’t heard Daft Punk’s new single Get Lucky, you may be living under a rock. It’s slowed down and groovy and has Pharrell’s smooth lyrics speaking to the youth of the world about being up all night to get lucky.  You can interpret ‘get lucky’ as you wish.

Mysto & Pizzi are New York natives who are kind of all over the place in a good way. They’ve produced records for Kelly Rowland and R. Kelly, as well as the GEICO ‘Kash’ campaign. They’ve also remixed huge acts in the EDM world like Tiesto, Adrian Lux, Cedric Gervais, and most notably EDX, whose Give It Up For Love remix reached #2 on the Beatport 100 chart.

Mysto & Pizzi’s remix of Get Lucky is huge. It starts with a much harder bassline and while you can detect the original melody, it’s reworked with a big room feel. The build is very similar to that of Rasputin; it just makes you want to rage face and jump all over the place (or POWER walk if you are on your way to work, like I often am). Mysto & Pizzi‘s Get Lucky slows down in the middle and you get the full chorus lyrics, ‘We’re up all night to get lucky’, but they are synthesized and more robotic, almost like what you would have expected from Daft Punk the first time around. The Get Lucky Remix also has a lot of high euphoric notes in the middle, keeping it really well balanced for progressive, trance, and electro-house fans alike. That aspect of it kind of reminds me of Tiesto’s wildly popular Maximal Crazy.

While a lot of fans are torn on Random Access Memories, everyone seems to like the original Get Lucky, and I think this remix will appeal to many. It’s more upbeat and suited to festivals. And as we’re getting into the heart of festival season, I can honestly say I’ll be more than a little upset if I don’t hear this once or twice. So let’s get the word out! Additionally, you can download this song for free here on their Facebook page! What good dudes. Enjoy!

Mysto and Pizzi

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