Interview with Nicole Moudaber at The BPM Festival!

Interview with Nicole Moudaber at The BPM Festival!
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New Music, Parties and More to be coming from Nicole Moudaber in 2014!

In 2013, we saw Techno Queen Nicole Moudaber launch her record label, MOOD Records, release new music including her album Believe, and headline countless high profile gigs across the globe including Music On, Space Ibiza, Time Warp and Tresor among others.  Taking a break from the parties of The BPM Festival, TheBeatMill got the chance to sit down with Nicole Moudaber to talk about her upcoming showcase In The Mood, new music and some other surprises she may have in store for 2014!

TBM: So, how has your time on la playa been so far?
Nicole Moudaber: Really good actually! It’s been really relaxing so far!

Tomorrow night you have your showcase In The Mood with Chris Liebing and Tom Peters being features at Lost as part of The BPM Festival.  How does it feel to have your own showcase versus being on the lineup for another party?
It’s feels great! I’m working on doing my own stand alone shows. I’ll be doing In The Mood nights where I invite the people I work with, people on the label and other guests and friends to play.  To launch the party at The BPM Festival is a greats tart for 2104 and there will be more this year.

You kicked off 2014 with a bang doing two shows; one in Philadelphia (NYE) and one in New York City (NYD). What a way to start the New Year!
It was absolutely incredible!  To ring in 2014 in Philadelphia and then continue to New York City, which is one of my favorite places in the world, was an amazing kick start of the year.  After my own parties, I continued to another party in New York City to see Victor Calderone play. It was like a 36 hour party!

Well, we certainly know how to party in New York!

You’ve worked with some incredibly influential names in the industry; Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola… Has working with these artists influenced your sound?
Of course! I only would want work with if something we have something in common and vice versa.  I worked with Marco for the first time in 2013 and we already have more shows planned for this summer.  I have played with Carl and Adam around the world and have released music on both of their labels.  We’re like one big family, we share music that we love!

In 2013 you released your album Believe and now January 27th you’ll be releasing your EP One Day Later on Carl Cox’s Intec Digital.  What can you tell us about the new EP?

Well, I am very excited for the release!  This will be my first release of 2014 and it’s on Intec Digital, the first label that really supported me and I’ve had many successful tracks on the label (Intec).  I also have a collaboration with Carl Cox that will be out on my label, MOOD  later this year.

Your collaboration with Carl, that’s going to be released for Winter Music Conference, correct?
Yes, we will be releasing it at the end of March.  We’re going to have a launch party during WMC where Carl Cox and I will be playing back to back, with some other guest DJs as well.

Well it sounds like 2014 is going to be massive!  Do you have any other events coming up you’d like to tell us about?
I do! March 1 I will be taking over Output in NYC.  It will be an In The Mood party where I’ll also be launching my In The Mood radio show that will be airing weekly world-wide.

New music, more parties and a weekly radio show streaming world wide!  We’re looking forward to everything we discussed with Nicole.  Check out the her upcoming tour dates below and make sure to catch Nicole while she’s in your city!  Also click HERE to read  our preview of her new EP One Day Later being released January 27th& a preview of the tracks below!

Nicole Moudaber North American Tour Dates
Feb 6 @ Club Love, Long Island
February 08 Miami, FL @ Club Space
February 15 Montreal, QC @ Stereo
February 16 Toronto, ON @ Ryze
March 01 Brooklyn, NY @ Output
April 12 Indio, CA @ Coachella
April 19 Indio, CA @ Coachella
April 20 Montreal, ON @ Palais des Congres (Bal En Blanc)


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